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Greetings to One and All from the Hopeless Shade

well, i was going to wait a satisfactory time to make a satisfactory introductory post.....but lizard is impatient.

fortunetly for the both of us, i already finished the last picture i wanted to show off.

and thus, you get to revel in MY photoshop glory, too.

All these pictures are part of a webcomic called Megatokyo, which fully deserves this plug im giving it.

this is from strip [746] "air".  fortunetly for us CG'ers, Fred (Gallager, the artist) posted the hi-res scan for this panel.

This is the entirety of  [710] "certain death".  if my sanity prevails, it will be the first and ONLY full strip i color.

and last, but not least, is the final panel of [706] "caring".  this is by far my favorite...

as you can see, im as much of a color freak as our dear lizard!

and for my next projects?  coloring this and making my own introduction for the saladdressing main page!

as always, the rest of my stuff can be found at my deviantart site!
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