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Pretend Vectors! [ April 17, 2006 ‡ 12:23pm ]

So we've all tried to do that vector art stuff. You've fiddled with the posterize adjustment, or spent hours on end messing around with the cut-out filter, and that's not even counting the amount of you who froth at the mouth to use the pen tool. Unfortunately, PS Elements doesn't even have some of those options.

But I'm here to show you an easy way to achieve all sorts of vectorish art without difficulty.


fight off the lethargy...Collapse )
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[ April 2, 2006 ‡ 1:33pm ]

So I was messing around with effects the threshold filter might be able to give me... and came up with these!

[14] PRMF
[2] Toby
[5] Clare
[3] Nick
[2] Xander
[1] Chip
[1] Vida
[1] Maddie

Teaser: snap

SynthesizedCollapse )
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hm. [ April 2, 2006 ‡ 12:54pm ]

With all the layouts I've been designing lately, I should really redo this one. Except I'd love to make another 4400 one... except I deleted all of my caps for it and I'm busy making power rangers ones! So I might make a PRMF layout instead.


Designed all of it. Isn't it pretty? It's amazing what a little CSS, some Photoshop skillz, and some hardcore time will do for an LJ.

I hate IE with a passion, btw. It sucks. Sucks monkey butt.
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... [ March 14, 2006 ‡ 9:55pm ]


Designed the layout and the header. Aren't I just the shit? Too bad I couldn't get the php to rotate the headers... ah well, another challenge for another day.

p.s. CSS is sooo much easier than HTML.
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redo [ December 22, 2005 ‡ 8:15pm ]

So I looked at the themes in a previous icon post, and decided that I wanted to make icons for the entire poem.
Here ya go: The Clod and The Pebble by William Blake.

Songs of experience...Collapse )
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MOVE YOUR BODY [ December 13, 2005 ‡ 4:15pm ]

It has been a while since I posted in here. Well, I've been producing things intermittently...

So there's this really cute Disney film called Sky High. The guy who plays the anti-hero is hot, the main girls are smoking, and I guess the hero is okay.

Ah, high school, that bastion of learning...Collapse )


Another PRDT banner...Collapse )
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100 4400 Pilot Icons [ August 31, 2005 ‡ 6:44pm ]

So. There's eventually going to be 100 icons underneath this cut. All are from screenshots that I took myself of the first (pilot) episode of the 4400. Yay! Maia is creepy, and Shawn is hot!

icons? yes indeed...Collapse )
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Greetings to One and All from the Hopeless Shade [ August 20, 2005 ‡ 8:08pm ]

[ mood | accomplished ]

well, i was going to wait a satisfactory time to make a satisfactory introductory post.....but lizard is impatient.

fortunetly for the both of us, i already finished the last picture i wanted to show off.

and thus, you get to revel in MY photoshop glory, too.

not icons, but colored comics!Collapse )

as always, the rest of my stuff can be found at my deviantart site!


[ August 17, 2005 ‡ 7:38pm ]


I finally finished the new layout.

Please note that all of it was done solely by me. The brushes around the edges are from linzeestyle, the words are a quote by Mary from Heinlein's Puppet Masters, and the picture is of Maia from The 4400, screencapped myself.

All coding was done by yours truly, and am I a hot mother-coder or what?

Anyway, the LJ FAQ is your friend.

[ August 1, 2005 ‡ 3:18pm ]

Redesigned the layout on my livejournal, so go check it out.

I'll be doing this one next.
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No, we're not gunna take it! [ July 16, 2005 ‡ 6:36pm ]

Made a new pretty.

... Don't know why. I guess I could use it for a new layout after I get bored/tired with this one. I do like the colors, after all.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder pretty, 600x200.

Can you guess what the couple is? That's right, Connor/Kira. That's my OTP. Any of you who couldn't figure that out merely by the sheer number of Connor and Kira icons I make is hopeless.

The lyrics are from the song #1 Crush by Garbage. It's a creepy song. Y'all should go check it out.

I would die for you...Collapse )

Let's all teach Blue sarcasm! [ July 15, 2005 ‡ 9:13pm ]

Well. It appears that I'm turning into an insomniac. I blame total exhaustion.

Here's the pretty we'll be attempting to recreate today.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Before scrolling further, though, you should be warned that I have a Power Rangers obsession. Well, I don't think it is one, but everyone else insists, so... Anyway, this is the grown-up version of Mighty Morphin's own Tommy Oliver, back for round... what... four now?... of Rangerhood. He's our very own special Rainbow Ranger.

So what do I do? I take the rainbow out of the equation, of course.

Somewhere, over the rainbow!Collapse )

There's a thunderstorm outside my window. [ July 15, 2005 ‡ 4:59am ]

[ mood | insomniac ]

Allo, allo. I presume you've come to learn how I made the pretty yellow icon below.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

But first, I should identify who you're about to learn about. That would be Emma Lahana, the actress/singer who plays the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Thunder, which I am totally in love with. Unfortunately, the series ended, but I plan on eventually buying the entire season...

Green bananas are good too...Collapse )
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color bar, of a sort [ July 14, 2005 ‡ 10:43pm ]

Howdy all. I went on a color kick, for a while, so pretty much all this entire set of icons has to do with each other is the fact that each of them concerns a different color in the rainbow, and that each of them is from Power Rangers. YES I KNOW I HAVE AN UNHEALTHY OBSESSION, THANK YOU.

Yay for flood warnings!Collapse )

Whoooo are you [ July 13, 2005 ‡ 1:11am ]

Got some new icons for ya'll; these are CSI, and I made them all using the same exact cap of Catherine Willows, incase you couldn't tell. I wanted to see what I could do with something so interesting.

Ignis Fatuus, by the way, is Latin for "foolish fire", the name for a will-o-the-wisp, the floating lights that lured travelers into marshes and bogs.

The Who always win over any other band...Collapse )

Personally, I like the last three best. But then again, I usually like black backgrounds/outlines better than white.

[ June 22, 2005 ‡ 11:19pm ]

These are... random. I really didn't feel like making icons, and I loved these lyrics... I guess I figured I could use it for a layout, or you guys could or something. Whatever.

My prettiesCollapse )
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Requests [ June 22, 2005 ‡ 11:06pm ]

Here's the results of my current requests

And we'll all float on alright...Collapse )

Blends [ June 22, 2005 ‡ 11:01pm ]

Yay! Blends.

Please don't allow your voice to fade...Collapse )

Purdy Colors [ June 22, 2005 ‡ 10:48pm ]

I love gradient maps to the core of my being yay!

80's songs rock my socks offCollapse )


Styles, wootCollapse )

Animated Poem [ June 22, 2005 ‡ 10:42pm ]

Poem by Amis Lee

Death of a Dream

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

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